To see the Parrasia paths with the Google Earth application, follow the steps below:

Step one

Download to your computer or mobile files and save the following KML file:

Step two

Open the Google Earth app on your mobile or computer. Alternatively, if you do not have the application, go to the website:

Step three

From the menu you select the option Projects (Projects) where immediately after it will ask you if you want to Create or Open (Open or Create). Select Open

erga  anoigma

Step four

Here you have 2 options:

     Import KML file from Google drive (Open project from Google drive) where you paste the link:
     or Import KML file from a computer (Import KML file).
     where you upload the KML file from where you saved it on your device


import drive

Step five

After opening the project, you select which path you want to view and zoom.


Happy browsing!


Καλή περιήγηση!