Parrhasian Park


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    One of the oldest places of worship in the world. Legendary birthplace of Zeus, King of the gods of Olympus. Sacred peak of the Arcadians and sacrificial altar since the Pelasgian Era. The Lykaean Games (Lykaea) wewre the oldest athletic event of the Greeks, established in honour of Zeus and Pan four centuries before the Olympic Games in ancient Olympia. The original Stadium and the Hippodrome are stil, visible under the peak.


    Ancient city and according to Pausanias "the first city that saw the sunlight". According to the legend Pelasgos founded Lykosoura as the first city created by the the human race, after abandoning the protection of caves and forests.


    Ancient temple at Bassae (14 km from Andritsaena. Unique monument of ancient Greek architecture and sculpture that for the first time combined the three rhythms (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian). In the center of the cella was the column with the template of the Corinthian capital. Monument of UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1986 (the first Greek monument in the list).

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